Word of Web Marketing = Word of Mouth Marketing X 1 Billion

Word of Mouth Marketing is acknowledged as being an important component of an organisations success. If your customers like you they are more likely to refer your business to their colleagues or friends. If they don’t like you – they won’t.

In “Anatomy of the new customer complaint meme” the case of Terry Heaton is discussed and how his shoddy treatment as a customer has been quickly communicated throughout the global community.

Courtesy of Church of the Customer Terry’s situation is detailed below. This example demonstrates the transfer of Word of Mouth Marketing to Word of Web Marketing.

June 3: The Lost Remote blog writes about Terry’s story. 211 people comment.

June 4: The story is posted to Digg where it’s digg’d 2,607 times with 210 comments and rises to the number 2 story in the Digg Business section.

June 4: The story hits the front page of BoingBoing.

June 4: CNET.com mentions the story in their video show “The Queue.”

June 4: Over 50 blogs write about Terry’s story.

June 5: Terry finally gets a call from CompUSA apologizing for the situation and promising a $300 gift certificate from the store.

June 5: Terry’s story is on the front page of FoxNews.com, with the caption “Image problem.”


With one billion PC users by the end of 2008, Word of Web Marketing is a scary thought. This is the opportunity for Market Research 2.0 to step up and take charge. If you do not offer your customers a place for redress, they will find one. The solution – put in place measures so your customers are able to alert you when things go wrong. If you don’t give them that opportunity they will make their own.

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