Jared Bothwell

Managing Director

Hi, I'm Jared Bothwell and I lead the CustomerVoice team. I've been working in the market research industry for over 15 years. I love understanding how our client businesses work and then designing customer feedback systems that deliver actionable results.

Steven Peter

Research Analyst

Hi, I'm Steven Peter and I look after all the number crunching at CustomerVoice. I have a Graduate Diploma of Management in Economics from the University of Waikato and I love delivering customer insights to our clients.


How We Got Started

Our story begins back in 2006 where we started as your standard run of the mill market research company. The standard for customer research back then (and for many organisations still now) was to run an annual satisfaction survey and compare your annual results with those of last year and hopefully you’d come out ahead. Fast forward from 2006 to now and things have changed considerably. Customer feedback management (CFM) has now developed into an exciting discipline of its own.

Our Approach

Our approach is ‘No Holds Barred’ (Yes – we think business needs more wrestling similes). Our ‘No Holds Barred’ approach means we’ll design a customer feedback strategy which works best for your organisations. We’ve developed partnerships with the best technology suppliers in the customer feedback marketplace and will develop a solution which works for you and your customers.

How We Work

First we want to get to know you. By really understanding how your organisation works and relates to your customers we can be sure to developer a customer feedback strategy which works. And, in some cases it might be as simple as developing an online survey. You can be sure though whatever we develop will be best suited to you and your customers.

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